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Grade 5 & above

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Knowledge comes with learning,

skill comes with experience.


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Why Computer Science?

Computer science is foundational.

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Just like, children learn about photosynthesis,

the digestive system and electricity, they should learn computer science too.

Every 21st century child should have a chance to learn about algorithm, how to make website or mobile application, know more about artificial intelligence or how the internet works.

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Uninterrupted learning with online tutorials
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Cost per class are as low as Rs. 305


48 Classes

Build the foundation of coding

Application development program

3 milestone project

Cost per class Rs. 625 / Rs. 325*

Rs. 30,000/

Rs. 15,600*


96 Classes

Most popular

Become master of concepts

Application development program

Web development program

6 milestone project

Cost per class Rs. 615 / Rs. 315*

Rs. 59,040/

Rs. 30,240*


144 Classes

Become master of concepts

Web development program

Artificial Intelligence & machine learning program

8 milestone project

Rs. 87,120/

Rs. 43,920*

Cost per class Rs. 605 / Rs. 305*

Application development program

* Group classes 1:4