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Grade 3 & above
Roadmap for your FUTURE-READY child
Live online classes for kids

Year 1
Semester 1 | Semester 2

This year build computer science


Year 2
Semester 3 | Semester 4

Mars Rover_edited.jpg

This year learn Computer science


Year 3
Semester 5 | Semester 6

Rocket Launch_edited_edited.jpg

Make new


Year 4
Semester 7 | Semester 8

Kneeling Astronaut

Strengthen foundation and 


to evolve as software developer


Year 1

Learn Internet Safety
Learn Navigation
Develop sequential algorithms
Complicated ways to navigate
Happy Loops
Practice loops in programming puzzles
Looping simple sequences
Experience the concept of events


Peer programming

Keyboard shortcuts for efficient programming

Digital common sense education
code blocks in a linear sequence

Develop sequential algorithms

Understand more about loops
Fun code sing loops
Big Event


Group discussion


Digital common sense education - how to deal with online meanness

patterns learning

linear sequence sequential algorithms

Debugging with fun

develop understanding of algorithms and debugging

Loops with more complicated designs

Mini project

  1. Industry expert interaction

  2. Real world scenario explanation


Computer Science Foundation

Block Programming

HTML CSS Basic Javascript Foundation

Year 2

Common sense education - Internet security
Graph Paper Programming
Practice their sequencing and debugging skills
Relay Programming

Code to fix puzzles with algorithms, loops
Learn events and use in programs
Build a game using events

write conditional (if/else) statements

While Loops

Until Loops

End of Course Project

Peer programming

Keyboard shortcuts for efficient programming

Introduction to development languages

Digital common sense education - encounter cyberbullying

- risks of sharing information online

program a simple animated scene

animate sprites using evens


Nested loops

Understand functions

Design Application

Understand content copyright

End of Course Project

Group discussion


Introduction - tools used for development

Common sense education - Cyberbullying

User experience in application


Debugging with fun

Blank Space Stories


Mini-Project: User Input Programs

Counting with Variables



Mini-Project - create simulation

Mini Project - Artificial Intelligence

Computer networking & Internet

End of Course Project

  1. Industry expert interaction

  2. Real world scenario explanation


Computer Science Fundamental

Block Programming & Text Based Programming

HTML CSS Basic Javascript In Depth

Java Foundation

Year 3

Solving problem of -

. puzzles,

. challenges,

. real world scenarios

Design Application to resolve human problem


Web Development

Create web pages

Share content on web pages

Understand impact of sharing information online

Skill development -

. Debugging

. Using resources

. Teamwork


Peer programming

Development language basics

Animated Games -

Create programmatic images,

Create animations,

Create interactive art

Create games


Design Process

design challenges

team project

prototype solutions on paper

prototype solutions on Lab

Group discussion


Start using development tools basics

The Data and Society

importance of data

How data solve problems

How computer helps in solving problems

Automation via computers


Physical Computing

Understand smart devices

Input and output in smart devices

Circuit playground

AI & Machine Learning

Understand tabular data

What is AI and Machine Learning

Create App using AI and Machine Learning

  1. Industry expert interaction

  2. Real world scenario explanation

  3. Basic understanding on client server architecture

  4. Frontend, backend and database

  5. Create and deploy live website

  6. Experience yourself real AI application


Computer Science Discoveries

Block Programming (minor) & Text Based Programming (major) 

HTML CSS Basic Javascript (In Depth minor)

Java Foundation with client server architecture

Database foundation

Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals

Year 4

Digital Information

The Internet

Intro to App Design

Variables, Conditionals, and Functions

Lists, Loops, and Traversals


Parameters, Return, and Libraries


Cybersecurity and Global Impacts

Peer programming

Development language 

Group discussion


Access tools used by developers

  1. Industry expert interaction

  2. Real world scenario explanation

  3. Work on real automation


Computer Science Principles

Java based application with database

Python with Artificial Intelligence




Knowledge comes with learning, skill comes with experience.

Improve your child skill with 

Critical Thinking

Problem Solving



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