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Web Developer Certification

Extended UI/UX, CSS, JavaScript with Deep CSS and dynamic coding

  • Ended
  • 33,999 Indian rupees
  • Online Session

Service Description

Class Concept Learning Sub Concept Learning 1 Apps which solves problems Problem -solving apps 2 Markup Language Creating content using markup 3 CSS Selectors Styling a page 4 Box Model Flexbox 5 Mobile Friendly Static Web Page HTML + CSS 6 Document Object Model(DOM) DOM Manipulation 7 OOPS vs Functional Programming Styles of Programming 8 Mobile Friendly Interactive Web Page HTML + CSS + Javascript 9 React Design Philosophy Intro to React 10 Virtual DOM DOM issues 11 JSX Javascript XML 12 Building React Native Environment Installation 13 A one screen reactive native app App design 14 React Components App components 15 React Props React Architecture 16 React State React Architecture 17 React Component Architecture React Architecture 18 An interactive one screen mobile app App Design 19 React Component APIs Component Architecture 20 Handling events touch, click, scroll, swipe etc. 21 Displaying images Displaying views 22 Collecting user input Forms 23 Displaying Lists in an application Displaying views 24 Form handling in an application Forms 25 Creating multiple screens Navigation between screens 26 Life Cycle of components Component Lifecycle 27 A multi -screen mobile app React Navigation 28 Build Reusable React Native components Component Reuse 29 Kitchen sink of React native components React Native component Library 30 Ul design using kitchen sink react native components React Native Kitchen Sink 31 Handling Data in React Data handling 32 Passing Data between two React Components Data handling 33 Data handling with Firebase Real-time Database 34 Connecting App to Remote Rea!time database Data Persistence 35 React Router Routing in react applications 36 Redux Asynchronous Data Management 37 React and Redux Data Flow in the app 38 App Design React + Redux 39 Adding authentication to a React Native App User Login 40 Deploying React Native App to Playstore App publising 41 User Centred Application Design Identifying a problem to solve 42 User Centred Application Design Develop a plan for a mobile app 43 User Centred Application Design Design a mockup of the app 44 User Centred Application Design Identify React Native components for the app 45 User Centred Application Design Design the mock Ul of the app with different screens 46 User Centred Application Design Design for the data flow between the components and database 47 User Centred Application Design Adding game design to the application 48 User Centred Application Design Deploying t Holiday 1 Jan 2021

Cancellation Policy

For any clarification contact us at You can contact us via form - To reschedule the class, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance. Our support team will reach you immediately to resolve the issue. Thanks, TechEdx Team Website URL -

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