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Web Development Foundation Course

Learn components of HTML & CSS, functions of Java-script & run website.


Course content of web development -


1. Introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript

2. Learn controls of HTML

3. Learn basic CSS

4. Learn functions of JavaScript

5. Design first form

5.1 Place different controls on form

5.2 Learn in-depth about controls

5.3 Feed values in controls

5.4 Validation of HTML controls

6. Decorate form from CSS

6.1 Create CSS file

6.2 Format of CSS file

6.3 Decorate controls via CSS file

7. Add functionality from JavaScript

7.1 Create first JavaScript program

7.2 Access JavaScript file and its functions

7.3 Access different controls via JavaScript file

7.4 Write validation function for HTML controls

7.5 Understand different possible functionality of JavaScript

8. Create & connect multiple forms

9. Passing arguments from one form to other form.

10. Understanding basics of server side coding

11. Understand database and connect web pages via database.


11. Explore the real time examples

12. Next action items for student to explore more in real world.

Next action for students to continue their learning. Course material will be provided as a part of training. Student will have full access of all material and videos.

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