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Web development

With our AI & Machine Learning Consulting, you can deliver personalized customer experiences, automate your internal processes and implement solutions that will change the way customers interact with your product.

AI & Machine learning development

A quality website is the first line of communication between you and potential customers or users. A website will be available 24x7 and can be viewed from anywhere in the world. 
Being the responsible web development company, we ensure that our clients are not just satisfied, but delighted with the web development services that we provide them. We believe in providing a comprehensive solution to our clients, which assists them in augmenting their business and bringing out the essence of their company in the form of its virtual avatar—its website.

Computer vision project development

Natural language processing Services

Android development

We offer versatile Android app development for different business with excellent user experience features. Our development process is agile at Quantumsoftech with a team of talented Android app developers, enthusiast UI/UX designers along with dedicated testers. We take mobile experience to the next level by developing robust and competent Android applications.

Python development

Corporate training

Python is one of the unique programming languages that is being used for web development. This language can be used for a wide scope of utilization like scripting, developing websites, mobile-based and GUI applications.

We are a top-notch Python Web Development Company & our certified expert provides smooth user experience by keeping in mind the business requirements.

Our team of computer vision developers develops custom image and video analysis software for machine vision and computer vision systems. We build computer vision software that can perform multiple tasks, including face analysis, real-time gesture and movement recognition, machine vision and image classification. ​
Backed by 10+ years of experience building software for startups and enterprises, our team provides custom computer vision software development services around object detection, image retrieval and video analysis solutions.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subsidiary of artificial intelligence that is designed to unlock the real potential of data to help your business gain a competitive edge. In a simple term, NLP is the heart of modern software with a knack to understand human language as it is express. Natural language processing has its root on deep learning that deals with linguistic and statistical algorithms to analyze and recognize patterns in data to improve a program’s understanding.

Bacancy Technology’s Natural Language Processing as a service is a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and linguistics. By implementing NLP capabilities in your business, we can help you build a system that is capable of analyzing, reporting and communicating just like humans do.

Having worked as top management professionals in blue chip private, PSU and multinational corporations company have analyzed the critical role learning plays within organizations, and the impact individual and group behaviour has on effectively achieving high performance. As a result, company has helped many organisations reach their peak performance through interactive training and consulting.
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