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Introduction to Coding

Basic fundamental and concept of coding (Primary certification)

  • Ended
  • 4,999 Indian rupees
  • Online Session

Service Description

Introduction to Coding - Course Details - Sequence - Blocks which help student to understand when artist in game will move and on which side and when it needs to be stopped. Algorithm - Algorithms are building blocks for solving computational problems. You can design them to solve individual small tasks and then combine them and recombine them to solve others. Variable - Variables are simply names you use to refer to stored data in your apps. You can name your variables whatever you want so long as the name is not already used by the system. Variable names can not have spaces or special characters. Functions - When you define a function you give a name to a set of actions you want the computer to perform. When you call a function you are telling the computer to run (or execute) that set of actions. ... And you can call it from anywhere, either before or after the function definition. Events - Students are introduced to the programming concept of "events," which are actions that a computer constantly monitors for. Game Development - Student will create game of his/her own character choice. Here student will learn different behavior of game development. Application Development - Student will learn to create application and different functionality related to application development.

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For any clarification contact us at You can contact us via form - To reschedule the class, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance. Our support team will reach you immediately to resolve the issue. Thanks, TechEdx Team Website URL -

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