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Application Developer Certification

Events / UI, Conditionals, Complex Loop, Logic Structures

  • Ended
  • 19,999 Indian rupees
  • Online Session

Service Description

Class Concept Learning Skills ============================================== 1 Game Design Basics Game Design and Code 2 Pre-defined Functions Creating Functions 3 Sprites with Movement Creating Sprites 4 If Condition Conditional Programming 5 Game Design Game Design and Code 6 Loops Looping 7 Variables Manipulating variables 8 Custom Functions Calling function to perform pre-defined tasks 9 Single Player Game Game design and code 10 Variable scope Understanding life of variables 11 Counter Pattern Sprite Movement 12 Algorithm Illusion for moving backgrounds 13 Random Number Generation Generating random values 14 Algorithm Algorithm to detect collision 15 If-else conditional Conditional Programming 16 Moving Background Slide scroller 17 Game Design Game Design and Code 18 lterator 19 Return Values Returning values from functions 20 Flags Storing levels as flags 21 Game Design Game Design and Code 22 Library Explore, Investigate & Practice 23 Recursion Function calling if self 24 Sprites Creating graphic effects 25 Game Design Game Design and Code 26 Object types Different data types 27 Events Detecting events 28 Booleans True/False data type, condition, conditionals 29 Game Design Game Design and Code 30 Variables Super Challenge 31 Asynchronus calls Parallel instructions 32 For Loops Super Challenge 33 Game Design Game Design and Code 34 Nested Loops Recursive looping 35 Function with Parameter Super Challenge 36 Algorithm Programming for adaptive difficulty 37 Game Design Game Design and Code 38 Debugging Correct Errors in code 39 Flow Control 40 Data Filter, cleaning, exploring 41 Game Design Game Design and Code 42 Game Story Design a story 43 Game Characters Design Game Characters 44 Game World Create Game Objects 45 Game Mechanics Create Rule Play 46 Game Algorithm Algorithm to implement Game rules 47 Game Debugging Checking for errors 48 Game Testing / Publishing a game Testing the game / Publishing the game on a platform Holiday - 1 Jan 2021

Cancellation Policy

For any clarification contact us at You can contact us via form - To reschedule the class, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance. Our support team will reach you immediately to resolve the issue. Thanks, TechEdx Team Website URL -

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